BitCamps are 5-8 week software engineering bootcamps for high school and college students who want to explore various careers in tech. Students work with mentors from prestigious institutions and seasoned engineers from the industry to learn about cutting edge technology.

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Fun with Azure Functions

Bit Project partnered with Microsoft Azure, mentoring bright high schoolers to create fun, open-source projects with Azure Functions. From Heartbeat Monitors using Azure IoT Hub to Song Recommendation Engines using Azure Cognitive Services, each student delivered a lightning talk at our webinar and published a step by step tutorial with mentorship from a Microsoft Developer Advocate.

Beginner Friendly

Our cohort did not have a lot of previous technical experience, but were extremely successful and created awesome projects!

Industry Collaboration

Our students worked with Engineers and Developer Advocates at Microsoft to get college & career advice.

Open Source Tech Bootcamps

Bit Project creates, organizes, and facilitates tech bootcamps to inspire the next generation of great engineers. Our initiative is designed to reach nontraditional students interested in science & technology who can use this experience to find their niche in the industry.

Free & Open Source

All of our content is free & open-source, from contributors all around the world.

Beginner Friendly

Students with no prior experience are able to establish fundamentals in various domains.

Diversity & Inclusion

We value & prioritize providing quality resources to students from underserved communities.

Industry Collaboration

We work with leading tech companies to bring cutting edge tools & practices directly to students.