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Paper Plate Weather Chart
13 Aug
Human Body Paper
4 Aug
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Our volunteers build creative solutions to provide hands-on STEM lessons to K-5th grade students globally.

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DNA Models with Gummies

Bit Project has collaborated with Microsoft to host weekly virtual STEM events. Each week is a different topic, ranging from computer science to anatomy. On July 3rd 2020, we covered biological sciences and introduced the structure of DNA and its properties to our primary students. Students learned about the science behind DNA while building a 3D model made out of licorice, gummies and toothpicks.

Free Online STEM Curriculum

Join us in our weekly live STEM lessons

Live Sessions

Students can build projects and learn alongside undergraduate student leaders in live meeting sessions, just like a classroom!

Kits Delivered to You

We work with teachers and industry to provide students in underserved communities access to hands-on STEM kits.

Open Source Curriculum

All lessons are available for free for anyone to use at home and for classes. Please reach out to us for more information.