open source, in depth tech bootcamps

We build and operate free, open source bootcamps to train the next generation of technologists. We provide 2-4 week "sprints" complete with lectures, discussion sections, and interactive activities to provide a rich educational experience.

Cracking the Interview

UC Davis

Our curriculum explain complex ideas in a simple, approachable way
Provide top-quality learning experiences to your community by using the expansive library of curriculum created by our developer network. All of our curriculum is open to the public, so you and your students can access lessons even after your BitCamp ends.
We Help Leaders and Teachers Mentor and Teach Students Efficiently

We have created a variety of educational resources, including slides, interactive assignments, and prerecorded lectures. Organizers can use our custom-built learning management system to give feedback and monitor student progress. Students can refer back to lessons for assistance on projects and even interact directly with educators from our industry partners.

Crack the Interview

We introduce students for the competitive interviewing process of the software engineering industry. We focus on the general soft skills needed to ace an interview, as well as the specific technical knowledge commonly tested during tech interviews.

Beautify the Web

We introduce various industry-standard programs and skills to students through a three-week-long project. Students must use the skills they learn throughout the camp to address real-life issues that come up everyday in a front-end engineering career.

How do we communicate?

We guide students through the basics of data science and its importance in various fields, such as finance and the social sciences. Twitter and the UC Davis Department of Communications provide special educational resources for this BitCamp.

How to Get Started

Here is how you can host your own bootcamp in your own community!


Meet with Us

Don't go it alone. Get one-on-one time with us, and we can talk technical content, organizing events, or how to get more attendees.


Train your Squad

Educational resources such as PowerPoint presentations are provided from Bit Project. We will help you and your friends to build out your camp.


Host Your Bootcamp

You and your squad will lead one to two lectures a week to teach your the next generation of technologists.