Bit Project

Intro to GameDev

Learn how to make your own video games using Unity

Jan 22

March 21, 2021

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In this 8-week Bit Camp, you will learn how to make your own video games using Unity, a standard game development platform in the industry. You will start off creating a basic game, and then advance to include audio design and user interface.

Weeks 1-2

Students will be introduced to Unity and learn how to manage the basic components of the engine to make a barebones game.

Topics Covered

  • Introduction to Unity and C#
  • Basic components
  • Creating your first game

Week 3

Students will continue with the basics, learning how to apply more advanced user input to gameplay, how to come up with their own games using project design documents, and how to import game assets from the Unity Asset Store and Internet.

Topics Covered

  • User input
  • Project design & documentation
  • Game assets

Weeks 4-5

Students will learn about user interfaces and how to utilize them effectively with examples. Students will then be able to incorporate this concept into their own game.

Topics Covered

  • User interfaces: text, buttons, images
  • Creating a main menu and game over screen

Weeks 6-7

Students will work on building up their scripting fundamentals. After that, they will learn how to import their own audio and particle assets from outside sources to add a unique touch of special effects in their games.

Topics Covered

  • Scripting
  • Audio design

Week 8

No lessons or homework this week. Students will be going over their final projects, which they’ve been working on throughout the two-month period.