Bit Project

Intro to Javascript with TwilioQuest

Learn how to use Javascript with the Twilioquest game

Jan 29

March 12, 2021

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In this 4-week Bit Camp, co-hosted by Twilio, students will learn the JavaScript programming language by navigating through TwilioQuest, an educational video game created by Twilio. Students will be introduced to using the terminal, setting up a local development environment, and basic programming concepts throughout the course.

Week 1

Students will set up their environments within TwilioQuest and on their local computers. We will go over important terms and complete the first few quests. Students will also create a small program outside the TwilioQuest environment.

Topics Covered

  • Environment setup
  • Defining basic terminology
  • Writing your first JavaScript code

Week 2

Students will learn about strings, arrays, and functions in JavaScript and how to use them. Students will also complete array challenges, similar to those used in technical interviews.

Topics Covered

  • String and string functions
  • Arrays and Lists
  • Functions, parameters, and returns

Week 3

Students will use the data types and structures they’ve learned to create their own functions. Students will learn how to take a written prompt or description and turn it into a working JavaScript function. They will also complete some interview-style string challenges.

Topics Covered

  • Building your own functions
  • Completing interview-prep type challenges

Week 4

No lesson or homework; students work on their final projects!