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Intro to NoSQL Databases

Learn how to use databases with MongoDB

Feb 12

April 11, 2021

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MongoDB is a "flexible, scalable document database," which differs from your typical database in the sense that it is document-oriented—without tables, rows, or columns. Big companies have already adopted the use of MongoDB, including Google, Adobe, and eBay. Why? It's scalable and flexible.

This camp will be focusing on Atlas, which allows MongoDB to be developed and deployed in the cloud. Students will begin with the basics, setting up a database and then branching out to discover ways to analyze, filter, and create data. These skills can be applicable in many other aspects of computing, and students will leave with not only this experience but also an impressive final project. The last few weeks of camp consist of time to develop apply their newfound expertise and create a Web App with a MongoDB backend.

Data is all around us and knowing how to use and manipulate databases is an increasingly important skill in today's technological world. Mastering MongoDB is advantageous to not only beginners but also those with previous experience with databases. Even more, the abstraction makes the interface easy to learn and utilize without the complex nuances of a typical database. Come learn how to use MongoDB to search, create, and analyze data and make applications with databases.