Bit Project

Fun with Serverless with Microsoft Azure

Learn how to build modern apps with Serverless Functions

Jan 15

March 14, 2021

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In this 4-week Bit Camp, co-hosted by Microsoft, you will learn about serverless architecture and functions, and why they are useful. You will utilize Microsoft Azure serverless functions, JavaScript, and external APIs to build and deploy your own app from end to end.

Week 1

Students will set up their environment by downloading an IDE and sign up for Azure. Students will configure Azure and learn how to create Azure Functions. Students will also learn the basics of how to use GitHub and get an introduction to JavaScript by writing a small program.

Topics Covered

  • Environment setup
  • First Azure Function
  • Intro to JavaScript

Week 2

Students will learn how to parse and output data using Azure Functions. Students will also begin working with APIs and incorporating them into their Functions. They will learn about using and testing API endpoints with Postman. They will also get practice reading API documentation, a big part of any software engineering role.

Topics Covered

  • Parsing multipart form data
  • Using APIs and making HTTP requests
  • Working with the Face API + Reading its documentation
  • Calling and Testing API Endpoints ft. Postman

Week 3

Students will create more advanced Azure Functions and be introduced to HTML and CSS, which they will use to make a webpage. Students will also learn how to make HTTP POST requests to Azure Functions. They will complete their Emotion Reader by connecting the frontend to backend with a POST request.

Topics Covered

  • Calling Azure Functions with POST requests
  • Uploading Images with Forms

Weeks 4-8

No lesson or homework; students work on their final projects!