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Our library of interactive and fun workshops provides unique insights into various topics in the tech industry.

Introduction to API Development


Our workshops introduce technologies, frameworks, APIs, and products used in the tech industry.
Whether you’re writing your first line of code or already have numerous coding projects under your belt, we have workshops that will advance your skills and knowledge.
We collaborate with Industry to make cutting edge technology accessible

We work with our industry partners to educate future developers about technologies and worflows used in the industry. Each workshop goes through multiple rounds of review by our developers and company representatives for quality assurance.


We Collaborated with Twitter to make Data Science accessible for non-STEM students.


We Collaborated with MongoDB to make NoSQL databases more accessible for students.


We Collaborated with Postman to make API Development more accessible for students.

For Students, by Students

Students from all over the country use and love our workshops!

I learned a lot about APIs and other technical tools at the Bit Project event using a fun game. I liked how they made hard concepts easy to understand.
Sarah Gerard
UC Davis Student
The Scavenger Hunt was really fun. I really didn't know NoSQl, but the MongoDB representative and the Bit Project members helped me understand database schemas and other complicated concepts.
Michelle Hu
UC Davis Student
I believe that Bit Project is doing amazing things for open source and technical education. We love that they worked with us to bring industry tools to those without prior experience.
Woody Hooten
SacPy Organizer