Hands-On STEM with Keysight Technologies

Distribute STEM kits with student-led lessons to K-5 classes for project based learning

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Hands-On STEM with Keysight Technologies

Distribute STEM kits with student-led lessons to K-5 classes for project based learning

Our Primary Education team has started working alongside Keysight Technologies, an innovative tech company developing various hardware and software solutions to multiple industries such as the internet, car technology, the energy ecosystem, and more. While they are innovating and changing the world, Keysight is also pursuing a mission of education outreach very similar to ours.

Bit Project undergraduate volunteer leading STEM project

Keysight After School Program

Employees of Keysight transform hands-on science education for young students through the Keysight After School Program, which allows Keysight to be an active contributor to the community by using their own technology to innovate others. The program includes 23 different science experiments, such as electronic-circuit games to balloon-powered cars, all of which come in do-it-yourself kits called “programs-in-a-box.” Keysight’s employees volunteer at elementary schools across the U.S. to make STEM education more accessible. By providing younger generations the resources to explore STEM, Keysight inspires them to pursue technical fields regardless of their educational background.

Students building Animated Moving project demo

Our Partnership

This approach perfectly aligns with our own mission with BitCart, a program that provides teachers with resources to integrate project-based learning into the classroom and help expand current curriculum into STEM fields. Our paralleled values have led us to combine BitCart and the Keysight After School Program into a project that provides teachers and students innovative, real-life-based resources they need to succeed in STEM fields. Collaborating with Keysight’s program, our BitCarts have been laced with Keysight technologies, knowledge, and data that Bit Project would have never been able to obtain otherwise. Keysight provided the link to the real-world and demonstrated how what students are learning are applied to industries today. This partnership enriches our program and allows our curriculums to be even more enticing to students.

Teacher working with students on lesson hosted by Bit Project

Animated Movies

The first partnered event was held on January 16th of this year. Students were able to explore the Animated Movies project, which lets students explore the creation of animations. Students built their own praxinoscope and studied the science and art behind moving pictures. The collaboration had a massive positive response from our volunteers as well as the teacher and students.

According to one of our volunteers, Jose Mendoza, a third-year Computer Science major, “The kids were enthusiastic about the activity, which was pretty motivating to see. The kits from Keysight were simple for kids to learn from and have fun.” Jose worked with students who were simply “mind blown” by the concept of being able to easily create their own cartoons.

“It was really satisfying to see the kids smile as they spun the wheel to see the various animations they set up.”

Nathaniel Kong, another volunteer from the after-school program, provides his own input.

“Keysight is creating a really great environment to learn. The students seemed to be having fun and flexing their creativity.”

Julia Ma, a second-year Computer Science major, agrees with Nathaniel on the creativity aspect.

“It was a really fun experience to see the kids think creatively with the materials. Since they were able to make their own design for the praxinoscope, students integrated both science and art into one [project].”

She also mentioned how easy the kits were to work with: “All the material came in the kits, which required no preparation… [It] was very self-explanatory for us to learn and assist the students.”

With the help of volunteers, our collaboration with Keysight has made bringing STEM-based learning to elementary schools an impactful and enjoyable experience. We are extremely excited to work with a company that so closely shares our values and missions. We hope to continue expanding the program to other schools and empower all students to become strong leaders and changemakers.