Creating a
Global Tech Community

We make tech education accessible to everyone by creating fun, engaging open-source projects.

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While we teach, we learn.

"While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher Seneca. We learn best when we are learning something to pass it onto others.

Bit Project is a community where students learn by teaching the necessary skills for the tech industry.

Built by students,
for students

We develop open source curriculum written by students, for students. We use the power of collaboration and the experience of students all around the world to iterate and improve our teaching pedagogy.

Open Source Curriculum

Students create open source educational resources with our partners in industry and academia.


Bootcamps engage students from underserved communities with hands-on software engineering experience

Making a Difference

By the time students are in middle school and high school, they’ve already decided they’re not good at science. We work with K-5 students to make science & technology approachable, and even fun!

Bit Project helps create opportunities for younger students to search deeply and engage their imaginations and problem-solving skills through STEAM curricula.

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