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We provide cutting-edge, open source learning experiences to prepare students for careers in tech.


Free & Open Source

Our courses are open source and free for all because we believe in the power of accessible technical education.

Built with the Industry

Engineers mentor our students through pair programming sessions. They share insights on job search and engineering best practices.

Built for students, by students

We are a global student organization developing interactive, engaging technical content for other students.

We empower students to ship their first projects

Getting started with a project is hard! Bit Project teaches students how to code by building.

We make a difference

Take a look at what our students have to say.



Student, Western Governor's University

The instructors really took our feedback to heart. Github itself is very tricky, but again, the instructors really made sure that we practiced the commands in our course over and over and over; repetition is the best teacher.


Student, CUNY Hunter College

Bit Project has been an amazing learning experience. The GitHub course is packed with learning material that has expanded my understanding of Azure, building projects, using VS Code, and more.


Student, Case Western Reserve University

Through the Serverless Camp, I have gained valuable experiences with JavaScript, learned about the concept of Serverless, and gotten to write and use HTTP trigger functions.


Student, Pierce College

The Serverless Camp helped me connect with other students/instructors, finish the homework, and understand the basics of serverless. The program encourages other students to test their knowledge and get feedback from the instructors. It is such a fantastic program!