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We’re building a community of mentors who are passionate about sharing knowledge, experience, and guidance with the next generation of engineers. Choose between a Global Student Community (GSC) mentor and a individual mentor!

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*Currently seeking additional GSC mentors; limited spots remaining for individual track

What Do Serverless Mentors Do?

As a mentor, you will be able to directly help students build their technical and engineering skills. You will also have the opportunity to host technical talks and workshops, give valuable feedback to the Bit Project team, and help us build a community of mentors who are passionate about sharing knowledge, experience, and guidance with the next generation of engineers.

We also welcome and encourage mentors to contribute to our fully open-source curriculum! By doing so, you will be able to create interactive and unique educational experiences for our student community and aid us in building a new model for non-traditional tech education.

Global Student Community Track

  • Participate in weekly AMA/discussion on curriculum-based topics on the Forum; includes answering questions, facilitating discussion about the topic and your experience with it, and sharing resources for students to learn more
  • Contribute to answering curriculum-based questions on the Forum

Individual Track

  • Meet with assigned student 1:1 at least once a week to discuss the following points:
    • Weeks 1-4: discuss weekly lesson topics, answer conceptual questions, provide context on how topics are used in industry (”real world” applications)
    • Weeks 5-8: guide student in their final project, help with planning, design, debugging, etc.
    • Throughout: career advice, interview prep, anything else you want!
  • Actively check communication channel to schedule meetings with student and provide async help


  • Knowledge of tech industry & familiarity with:

    • Serverless technology, especially Azure Portal and VS Code Azure extension

    • Azure use cases (e.g. , Function Apps, Logic Apps, etc.)

    • Basic web dev (frontend and backend)

    • Experience with NodeJS, HTML/CSS, NoSQL

    • Working with APIs & reading documentation

  • Willing to commit 1-3 hours per week during program

  • Commit to auditing course (mentors must go through the curriculum and solutions; assignments and final project not required) before course start date

  • Excitement about tech and eagerness to help future engineers!


Still not convinced? As a mentor you will:

  • Expand your network and connect with like-minded individuals

  • Learn from students and other mentors with different perspectives

  • Develop your communication and leadership skills

  • Gain confidence in your technical and interpersonal skill set

  • Get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment by directly helping aspiring engineers

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Development Architect
  • Christian Lechner

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    Software Architect
  • John Kilmister

    NICE Ltd

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    Software Engineer
  • Tejas Kumthekar


    Product Manager
  • Anthony Chu


    Cloud Solution Architect
  • Gareth Williams


    Azure Developer Lead
  • Daron Yondem


    Senior Software Engineer
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    Software and Application Architect
  • Vladimir Serykh

    Salta Group

    Senior Product Manager
  • Skyler Hartle