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Serverless Camp

In our 8-week boot camp, build awesome apps with Serverless functions, JavaScript, and APIs. From IoT heartbeat monitors to face mask detectors, you can build anything with Serverless!

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What is Serverless Camp?

Serverless involves harnessing the power of cloud computing and building large applications quickly without having to manage servers.

Camp is an 8-week interactive coding bootcamp designed to help you gain real-world technical skills through project-based learning and build awesome professional connections.

week 1

Git & Serverless Basics

Set up your development environment with developer tools like Github and Postman.

Build projects to get started with Azure Functions, Cloud Engineering, and Javascript!

⚡ HackerVoice API

🐱 twoCatz API


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week 2

Working with APIs

Learn how to read documentation, experiment, and most importantly Google.

Build projects with awesome APIs from Twilio, Microsoft Cognitive Services, and Giphy!

😊 Emotional Gifs

🎶 Song4u.js

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week 3

Storing & Retrieving Data

Learn how to interact with databases add exciting and functional features to your projects.

Build projects with Blob Storage and a NoSQL database to store data received through your serverless function!

🐰 Bunnimage API

🤫 Deep Secrets API

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week 4

Building a Frontend

Learn how to build a webpage to accept, display, and retrieve user input.

Build a frontend with HTML/CSS/JS to interact with your serverless functions!

🐇 Bunnimage: The App

🐈 twoCatz: The App

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WEEK 5-8

Build your Own Project

Demonstrate your new competence with cloud computing by developing your own project: it can solve problems, be fun, or do all of the above!

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