Emily built a serverless file-sharing app 🗂

Through various triggers, APIs, and functions, Emily built an alternate solution to AirDrop (file conversion included!) that anyone with a web browser can use.

If you or someone you know participated in this year's AP Collegeboard Exams, you probably recognize the stress of submitting handwritten work within a small time constraint.

Bunnimage aims to help alleviate that stress for students and others working at home. This solves a big issue if you don't have AirDrop: almost everyone has a web browser!

This web application takes an image as an input on an upload page and converts it into a PDF that is available at a download page.#

About me#

My name is Emily Chen (she/her), and I am a rising senior at Panther Creek High School. Outside of school and working on solutions in tech, I enjoy biking and re-reading my favorite books. I'm interested in ethical hacking, OSINT, and building tech projects that can positively impact my community.

Behind the scenes#

The application has a "upload" page and a "download" page:#

Navigate to the "upload" page to upload an image. Additionally, provide a code that gives your file a unique name! Navigate to the "download" page on any device you wish to download the PDF on. Enter your unique name and get your converted image.

The Technologies#

Azure Function HTTP Triggers:#

The two upload/download pages both trigger a function: one uploads an image to blob storage with the specified name, and the other queries blob storage to provide a link for download. Previously, I had no understanding of what a "backend" was - HTTP Triggers were my first introduction to code running on the cloud.

Azure EventGrid Trigger:#

This was configured to trigger whenever a new blob was uploaded. Once one was, the trigger used an API to convert the image into a PDF and stored it in a new container. This trigger helped me realize there are multiple possible solutions to any technical issue.

Blob Storage:#

All the users' images and converted PDFs are stored in blob storage. The HTTP Triggers uploaded blobs and queried for correct ones. As someone who had already worked with databases, blob storage was an interesting technology to work with.

Online Convert API:#

This API was used to convert images (png or jpeg) to PDF file format. Because images were not converted instantly, I learned how to continually check for a job to complete.

Moving forward with Bunnimage#

After harnessing the full power of serverless triggers, Bunnimage is able to provide a web solution to file sharing or scanning worries. You can find a sample of the final product at my Github repository.

Thank you!#

Thanks to BitProject for providing me an opportunity to learn more about cloud computing, a previously obscure concept to me. (Honestly, what is the cloud?) Nevertheless, I have gained skills that are vital to building both professional and leisurely projects.


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